Weight Loss Guide - 3 Golden Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is undoubtedly advantageous for people who are overweight and have been diagnosed with any medical condition, usually adult onset diabetes or cardiovascular disease. However, we do need to realize that weight loss is a time-consuming and difficult process, but one that can be made easier if you are ready to adapt to lifestyle changes. You must also be willing to reach out for support from health professionals, friends, and family members.

Weight Loss Tip 1 - Stop Chasing the Latest Diet Fad

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Diets that emphasize changes in the proportions of protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, and so on do not have special properties for weight control. Dieting or any fad diets may produce results for the short term, but almost always, the dieter regains the original weight PLUS added weight.

It's true; the success of the first days of dieting is mostly water and "crap" from our stomach. Everyone who has dieted has had the experience of losing weight, and then gaining it right back. The promise of "quick and easy" weight loss is actually one of several "red flags" signaling diet fraud.

Weight Loss Tip 2 - Get up the Couch and Start Exercising

Exercise is definitely an essential factor in losing weight and burning calories. Nowadays, I will try to give more time to exercising, eat small and healthy portions of food throughout the entire day, limit my sugar intake and drink lots of water. The important thing to remember is that you have to gradually increase the amount of exercise that you are doing each day.

The best exercise plan should have cardiovascular and weight training exercises. Writing down what you eat, when and how much you exercise and your moods will keep you on track and motivated. Exercise can be considered as the golden rule to achieve long term weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip 3 - Eat Right, Eat Slowly and Eat Healthy

Eating slowly is one method that can help take off pounds. Eating more nutritional foods, like fruits and vegetables is also another approach that could help to slim your body down. Healthy eating and regular physical activity are the real keys to maintaining a healthy weight over a lifetime.

Assign a section of your time everyday to note down what you have eaten and how much, your hunger level before eating. Do record any feelings or emotions present at the time. I struggled with my weight for most of my adult life and finally discovered a lifestyle of eating that I enjoy and that keeps the weight off by eliminating certain foods. Ask your doctor about ways you can improve your eating plan and become more physically active.

One very significant thing to remember as you undertake your research and planning for weight loss is how far you've come simply by taking the first step. The key to successful weight loss is making changes in your eating and physical activity habits that you can keep up for the rest of your life. Many researchers now believe that the key to successful weight loss is to accomplish comprehensive lifestyle changes. This is a process that involves eliminating bad habits and replacing them with good eating behaviors and physical activity.

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