Easy Weight Loss With Hypnosis

One of the most common complaints people come to my clinical hypnosis practice with is weight. They want to lose some weight and become thinner. A lot of these people are eager to be thinner, but few of them want to do any work. Usually, these are people who have tried a lot of diets and for whatever reason, they can't quite lose weight or lose the weight they want.

Hypnosis is a very powerful technique for helping people like you lose weight easily and quickly. There is often stigma attached to hypnosis due to misunderstanding and mis-information, but hypnosis is an incredibly effective way to help with weight loss.

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Weight gain is often due to excess eating and lack of exercise. The problem is, these are the symptoms of the problem and not the cause. The cause is hidden beneath the surface and almost every diet only addresses the surface symptoms and not the real cause.

The excessive eating and lack of exercise that causes weight gain is usually caused by emotional or mental issues. This could be a desire to hide yourself from the world and not be noticed, so you gain weight. It could be a desire to punish yourself for some real or imagine sin in the past. It could be almost anything, but it will be a mental or emotional cause.

Whilst you can lose some weight by dieting and increasing your exercise, you will find it difficult to keep the weight off unless you also address the psychological issues that initially caused the weight loss.

This is where hypnosis comes in to its own. Hypnosis helps to delve into your sub-conscious mind and resolve these issues that are causing the weight gain.

There are two ways of getting help with hypnosis.

Firstly, you can go to see a clinical hypnotist and have one on one sessions. These are very effective, though can be a bit costly. You need to make sure you find a hypnotist who is suitably qualified and professional. Typically, you won't need more than 5-8 sessions for permanent weight loss. If you are told you need more than that by a hypnotist then shop around a bit more. Personal recommendation is the best way to find a good clinical hypnotist.

The second option is much more affordable and available to everyone. You can use a weight loss hypnosis cd or mp3. Typically, these are based on the one to one sessions but are slightly more generic so more people can benefit from them. Music For Change has a number of these in both vocal hypnosis format and subliminal format.

Using both vocal and subliminal gives the most rapid effect. The vocal version guides you through a hypnosis session and is best listened to when you are not going to be disturbed. The subliminal version usually can be listened to anywhere, providing it doesn't have binaural beats in. If it has binaural beats then these speed up relaxation and shouldn't be listened to whilst driving or operating machinery.

Weight loss hypnosis mp3's really work well. One client of mine reported losing thirty pounds in a month just from listening to the subliminal CD whilst she drove to and from work each day. She found that her eating patterns started to change and she started to "think thin" rather than eat how she used to.

With weight loss hypnosis mp3's costing under ten dollars, they really are an affordable way to get the benefit of hypnosis into your life.

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