Top Ten Weight Loss Tips

When I was trying to lose weight in 2004, I tried all sorts of diet pills, weight loss programs and you name it. All with no success at all. Does this sound familiar to you? Well, it doesn't have to. Here is a list of the Top Ten Weight Loss Tips that I have learned from my own weight loss campaign in 2004 and it is my strong belief that they will help you plan your weight loss.

There is no substitute for working out: If you are not going to work out, none of the pills, diets or anything is going to work for you. If you go on a diet without working out, your body thinks it's in a huge trouble and starts saving your fat instead of burning it. This is one thing that you absolutely must do in order to be successful with any weight loss plan. There is no quick and easy magic formula to weight loss if you do not work out. Know what your ideal weight is: I know we would all love to look like those sexy models but knowing your ideal weight is very important. Think of weight loss as being healthy and not as become too skinny. The point is to make you feel good about yourself not to make you unhealthy because you don't have enough fat/muscles to support yourself. Take those Pictures: I know taking those before pictures can be depressing but that's ok, at least they will keep you motivated at trying hard to achieve your goal. I would also recommend using Photoshop to create an after picture of yourself that you can put up on your walls so you can focus on your goals and feel motivated. Know your limits: Install a little calorie counter on your computer or use a notebook to track your daily calorie limits. You need to plan your diet and know what you should and should not eat everyday before you start. Read those labels: Yeah I know, reading those labels is boring but you have to do it if you want to stay on top and make sure that you are only consuming what is right and healthy for you. Read up on Substitutes: There are substitutes for almost everything. Read up on those and make sure you are choosing the ones that are healthiest for you. Tell everyone: I know it sounds intimidating but telling everyone will keep you motivated and help you stop procrastinating with your weight loss because all your friends will be watching your progress. It adds the little bit of pressure that almost everyone seems to need, especially procrastinators. Join Online and Offline Support Groups: It's really helpful to talk to people who are doing the same thing. It keeps you motivated and also helps you make a lot of good friends. So, do not hesitate to join online and offline weight loss clubs. Drink lots of water: Water is good for everyone and for everything. Water also helps you function at your peak which is what you need when you work out. Drinking lots of water balances your body. So, put up reminders or ask someone to remind you to drink lots of water. Do it!: Don't be too scared of whether you can reach your goals or not, just get up and do it. You'll learn lots even if you don't succeed first. Nothing can be achieved by staying home and reading books and tips on weight loss unless you start taking actions.
Being healthy is about a lot more than just going on a diet. It does not help if you lose some weight and go back to junk food and lack of exercise. Healthy living is a lifestyle and I hope some of my tips above will help you not only with your weight loss but also with living a healthy life.

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