How Safe Are Weight Loss Meds Sold Online?

Thousands of weight loss meds are sold online. Many of these are claiming to be the best and most effective weight loss product in the market. The sales pitch of these products are what usually catches the consumer's attention: "lose weight fast!" "Drop the pounds without a sweat!" But how effective and safe are these weight loss meds sold online?

Unpublished reports

The effectiveness of weight loss pills in general have been widely researched by many institutions. Sadly, however, results of these studies are rarely published and made known to the public. Some published reports, though, claim that diet pills are effective only in the short term and are not meant to be taken as a daily supplement.

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According to research, weight loss meds found online have varying effects on consumers. The general belief, however, is that weight loss meds online should be taken for only six months or less. During the span of six months, you might notice a slight drop in weight. But after six months, your body will start to develop a resistance against these drugs and will render them ineffective.

Side effects?

What's more, several weight loss meds sold online have side effects that are both known and not. Those products that have passed the scrutiny of scientists - like Xenical - are known to induce side effects like loose bowel movements and an upset stomach. What's surprising, though, is that more than half of these weight loss meds have not yet been studied.

Only two approved

As of today, the only two weight loss meds approved by the US FDA are Xenical (Orlistat) and Meridia (Sibutramine). These two have their own side effects and should be taken with the consultation of the doctor.

Not the only solution

In the end, weight loss meds are not the only solution to weight loss. The perfect - and safest - solution is strict dieting and exercise. Although it may be hard, diet and exercise is the only healthy way to shed pounds and achieve that healthy body you have always wanted.

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