The Secret To Achieving Genuine And Sustained Weight Loss

Achieving weight loss does not have to be so difficult. The biggest obstacle to achieving weight loss is your mind.

Weight loss is simple really when you think about it.

To achieve weight loss you need to eat less and exercise more. This is the sum total of the multimillion dollar weight loss industry

So if weight loss is so simple, why are millions of people struggling to achieve their ideal weight? Well the answer is in your head

The first thing that your have to address is your psychological approach to weight loss. Get this wrong and you stand to fail every time.

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So what are these mental attitudes that you need to adopt to succeed in losing weight

Know that you can do it. You can lose weight and keep it off permanently. The greatest problem for perpetual dieters is this. In the back of their minds, they are so sure that this is not going to work. They have even planned out the next diet before starting this one. Then when they don't lose weight or the weight all comes rushing back they say 'Ah-ah, i knew this wouldn't work. Do not sabotage your efforts before starting, understand that you can and will lose weight if you set your mind to it. Have a plan. It is a true saying that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. You must have a plan. Write it down in your diary. Put it where you can see it easily. Better still put it on your fridge door or your cookie jar lid. So every time you go for a treat, you see your weight loss plan staring back at you. Do not set yourself up to fail. Have a plan that is sensible and achievable. To plan to lose 3 stones in 1 month is just ridiculous. You will certainly fail and this has a very negative effect on your morale Plan to lose weight in the long term. Trying to achieve weight loss in a short period of time is often referred to as a crash diet. The thing with crash diets is they may work in the short term but the diet is not sustainable. This means that those terrible pounds and more will come rushing in like a tide once the diet is over. Get a friend involved. Someone who can help motivate you when the going gets difficult

With a good mindset, weight loss becomes easily achievable.

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